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Football Point Spread

This is one of the most popular wagers in NFL Football betting. You need to cover the Point Spread to win your bet. For example in a game between the Tenessee Titans and the New York Giants, the favorite will be the Titans as they have a point spread of -4(-110). For you to win your bet, the Titans would have have a final score beating the New York Giants by 5 or more points. The (-110) in brackets is the "juice" or "vig" on the wager. Oddmakers take a standard 10% commission on all wagers. If there is not a -110 beside the point spread it is usually assumed 10% juice. The Underdog in the point spread is the New York Giants +4(-110). For you to win your bet the Giants could lose the game by 3 points or less. If the final is score is a margin of 4 points then the bet would be a PUSH and the bet amount would be returned to you.

NFL Total Bet

A Total Bet is a wager on the OVER/UNDER for the total score at the end of the game of both teams. In this betting line the total is 36 (-110). For you to WIN the OVER TOTAL bet the final score would have to be 37 points combined for both teams. If the TOTAL score is exactly 36 then the bet would be graded a PUSH and your wager would be returned to you.

An NFL betting line can also be posted for 1st Half(1H) and 2ND Half(2H). Professional bettors are known to profit on 1H wagers because they are able to handicap NFL games accurately because many NFL coaches script their first half plays. Moreover, 2H bets are very popular because you are able to see how well the team is playing in the first half.